Three boats – Koh Chang – Thailand

Koh Chang is one of my favorite place in Thailand. The third largest island in Thailand. Her name means elephant and is due to it’s shape. Koh Chang is located in east coast of thailand , not far from cambodia border.Inside land, you can eat delicious seafood if you avoid the tourist place.

Walking along the klong prao beach, i pass trough a channel and see three boats along the channel. I want took a long exposure despite i didn’t have my tripod. I put my camera on the edge of the  bridge, mounted with my 50 mm canon lens and try a long exposure shoot. I choose a manual setting at 100 ISO , 15 seconds exposure time, use my neutral density filter ND1000.

here you can see the result of the shoot :

Three boat - Koh chang - thailand - thialand - thiland
Three boat – Koh chang – thailand – long exposure

Maybe you prefer the black and white version :

three boat - Koh chang - thailand
three boat – Koh chang – thailand



Surfire sunset in Koh Chang – Thailand

I like hunting, staying in a place and waiting for the good light coming and then shoot.

This evening in Koh Chang, the third largest island in Thailand,   i climb a harsh rock and waiting 2 hours for sunset decrease. I feel a little worried when see many clouds come and hide the sun and cannot take picture but finally  sun break through clouds and tinted them in a magnificent red color .

Surfire sunset - koh chang - thailand - thialand - thiland
Surfire Sunset over Koh Chang island – thailand


Soon , i will publish an article from the same photography spot  about long exposure photography