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  1. Hello!
    I just discovered your photography online and really love it!
    My name is Eric, and I help find awesome photographers
    for, a photography retail company in New York.

    I would love to see if we can work together in printing and selling
    your work on our website.

    We currently work by licensing images, and selling the prints at
    markets in New York, online, and to other stores. But for 2015
    we have an exciting new project we think could be really successful.

    Rather than printing everything upfront, we want to start offering more
    limited runs that feature various photographers and their work, to our
    customers. We have a strong email list and website subscriber base,
    and I think your work would be perfect. We would split the profits evenly,
    and pay as soon as orders came in.
    This is a new project for us, so we’re open to any of your ideas or
    suggestions on how to make this work best for your needs. If you’re
    interested in working together, let’s make a time to talk for 15 minutes
    or email me at and see what you think!

    I look forward to your reply,
    Eric Hu

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