Size : Prints are available in a range size from 30 cm x 30 cm to 30 X 50 cm, 30cm x 80 cm depending on each photography.

Number : Number of signed prints are limited to 45 signed prints worldwide per photography and all formats including alternative process like platinum printing . Photography are signed and numeroted by me and are released by small batch progressively for increase the rarity. So a photograph may never attain the threshold of 45 items.

Paper : Fine art Baryta Hahnemühle 315 g

Ink : HP archival pigment ink Vivera

Where to order ? order Limited Signed Edition prints by email at

Payment : The payments for the limited edition prints will be made through PayPal. You don’t need to have a PayPal account to make a payment, you only need a credit or debit card. Or by bank transfert

Laboratory : Inkjet print are produce by Picto laboratory in Paris – France. This laboratory is recognized for his high quality and handle exhibition prints of many artist.

Price : The price for the limited edition prints, excluding shipping, are as follows:

Serie number of photography :

Number 1 to 10 : 220 euros per photography.

Number 11 to 20 :  440 euros per photography.

Number 21 to 30 : 880 euros per photography.

Number 31 to 45 : on request

No mounting, no hanging.

Shipping cost : I will calculate cost of shipping depending on your location. You need to add shipping cost to the price of photography you order.


Almost photographs can be licensed . Contact me for a quotation depending on the use (Web, business , advertisement, decoration, etc …).

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