During my trip to Lisbon – Portugal , we walk through the center of city.

Often we looking at main landmarks for take the tourist photography but it’s interesting to keep eyes open, take breath, step back,  and looking for some nice details to photographs.

In case of the city of lisbon, you can discover lovely ceramics or porcelains on walls of buildings in many place of the city.

Some frontage buildings are entirely cover with mosaic of  ceramics, but many buildings or church have small part of azulejos cover them.

Almost azulejos represents geometric or abstract shapes

azulejo - lisbon - portugal
geometric azulejo – lisbon – portugal – decorative art – ceramic
azulejos details - lisbon - portugal
blue azulejos details – lisbon – portugal – mosaic

But during your trip you can discover somes azulejos ceramics represents human or animal, lion by exemple.

azulejo - lisbon - portugal
azulejo represents group op people – lisbon – portugal – decorative art -porcelanosa
head of lion azulejo - lisbon - portugal
head of lion azulejo – lisbon – portugal – Decorative art – porcelanosa

Azulejos have almost deep blue or light blue, green, yellow and red color, look like this nice geometric azulejos.

azulejo - lisbon - portugal
abstract azulejos – lisbon – portugal – ceramic – mosaico
azulejo - lisbon - portugal
azulejos – lisbon – portugal

In lisbon, you can visit museum of azulejos to : http://www.museudoazulejo.pt/

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