To accompany you through your journey to Thailand, here is a list of 4 Thailand temples to visit.
In this article, i wish to make you discover not only famous temples in Thailand but also some thai wat located off the beaten track , far away from overcrowded sites and tourist.
Enjoy your journey in Thailand, this country have so much to offer in culture and history !
Ok , after this introduction , here is the list of Thailand temples to visit :

Wat Phra Non Chaksi – Singburi

This temple is also denominated WAT PHRA NON CHAKKRASI WORAWIHAN.

Wat Phra Non Chaksi is located in the province of Singburi. It’s worth to visit it. Firstly, It’s one one the oldest temple in Thailand, maybe build before the kingdom of Ayuthaya.
Secondly, this temple have two golden reclining Buddha. The biggest one is particularly impressive due to his size between 46 meters to 50 meters long. A Buddha in the style of Sukkhotai.
But personally i prefer the smaller one with is myriad of square gold leaves stick on his full stone body (denominated Phra Khan). This two Buddha images were build under the reign of king Rama V.

GPS : 14°51’09.9″N 100°23’18.9″E
14.852735, 100.388589

Wat Bang Khun – Amphawa

One of my favorite wat in Thailand, this very old temple is very impressive despite is small. Effectively, today this temple is totally cover by the roots of Banyan tree. Asian atmosphere guarantee.

How to get there ?
Wat Bang khun is accessible by the road 4013 or by boat from the Amphawa floating market.

GPS : 13°26’46.1″N 99°56’30.4″E
13.446151, 99.941766

Wat Bang Koh Theppasak – Amphawa

How to get there :

By the road 4004 or by boat trip from Amphawa floating market.

GPS : 13°26’22.8″N 99°56’14.3″E
13.439655, 99.937305

Wat Tha Sung – Uthai Thani

The glass temple !!! .
This temple is fully covered insode with small mirror glasses. An incredible place to discover. We hardly imagine have a place like this in uthai Thani. so it’s worth to go out the beaten road.

The wat Tha Sung or wat Chantaram is located near  the city of Uthai Thani, about 6 kilometers to the south-east and around 200 km north of bangkok.

The old temple date back from the Ayuthaya period however the glass building is contemporary.

How to get there : By the road 3265 , following the river Sakae Krang in the direction of south-east.


15°19’57.1″N 100°04’21.6″E

15.332518, 100.072679
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Wat Phra Non Chaksi

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